Complete skincare set

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Do not get the charcoal soap if you have dry skin!!!!

Do you need a skincare routine! This set is perfect for you! It contains all products you need to transform your skin. 

Products listed: Face oil, Coffee & turmeric exfoliator, charcoal clay face mask, and a turmeric or charcoal face soap.

Face oil benefits: This oil should be used after washing your face or applying a face mask. It will give your skin an extra glow & help with acne

Coffee & Turmeric exfoliator benefits: Exfoliators can help slough off dead skin cells (making your skin look brighter), improve the skin's texture, unclogs pores, and prevents acne.

Turmeric soap benefits: Anti-Inflammatory Properties, helps with eczema, eliminates acne, reduces dark circles under eyes, and protects the skin from sun UV exposure! 

Charcoal soap: Clears up acne, blemishes, scars, good for oily skin (helps balance), removes toxins, and improves overall skin complexion